Surving the Empty Nest- I Am More than a Mom

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What Would I Do If I had to Spend 1 Day Alone?

Hello everyone!  As you know, each week Angelica from AngSuarez Creative will be sending a prompt to challenge those of us who are interested in self exploration.  We are taking a look at who we are as women and the role we play in fostering our own growth and often times hindering it by beating ourselves up with negative talk, etc.  The program is called Summer of Enough.  

This week for the Summer of Enough program we were given the following question to answer...What would I do if I had to spend 1 day alone? - no kids, no work, no phone ... ALONE!

Prompt #3: I know what I want to do if I had to spend 1 day alone.  Nothing sounds better to me than to spend the day somewhere extremely relaxing and peaceful, such as a cabin in the mountains.  I just love the outdoors.  I would spend the day with my Bible, a journal, and worship music.  I would read, write, sing, and pray.  There are times when I love doing these things with other people, but I also love to do them on my own.  Having a day to myself to praise God in the mountains sounds heavenly!!  

So what would you do?  Leave me a comment and let me know.  Have a fabulous day!

I look forward to exploring my past, present, and future.  After all, I am more than a mother!

Until next time! 



  1. Hi Cindy!
    This sounds like an awesome way to spend the time by yourself! I love the outdoors too and miss the beautiful mountains of California. They are truly majestic and a great testimony to God's magnitude and perfectness. So glad you are enjoying the prompts!

    Be blessed,

  2. I love the way you would spend your one day alone Cindy! I think I would do about the same. I love to have a little quiet time to reflect, to think and to praise God for all the is wonderful in my life. I have many blessings so I love to thank God for them!! Hugs!